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Get over endless Self Pity… It is time to know your true self and seek your passion.

Friends, identify your strengths and focus on them…

why direct your energy on analyzing others’ shortcomings? Overcome the fear of identifying your mistakes.

All we do is talk about acquiring excellent skills and intelligent ways to achieve progress in our lives. Are we successful? To an extent, maybe, but not completely! In this treacherous world, we build a cocoon around ourselves and proclaim that we are pure-hearted, truthful, and honest. Is it so? We are what we believe. But is just ‘belief’ enough? Is it impossible that we have honestly failed to evaluate ourselves and our weaknesses? Somewhere, lost in delusions, laziness, and self-pity, we have crawled into our nature and merged with our character. So when one points out our fault, we fume with anger. 

Let’s be realistic. No one is ever perfect in this imperfect world. Pointing out others’ faults will not be doing any good to us! But thinking or analyzing oneself would be wiser and help to shape one’s character and individuality. One way to start in this direction is to question ourselves – “when I fail, what is the reason? Is it me or other factors influencing my trials? Is it my ego? Well, casting ego aside, what else is affecting/ influencing me?”

Realizing mistakes and weaknesses usually puts us into thinking about how not only one is affected but also how people and the environment around us are affected. There is no exception to committing mistakes. Everyone does! However, directing energy towards overcoming that weakness to make it stronger is what makes a successful person. 

What’s next? One might argue that the shortcoming has been identified, and one shall put efforts into it. It’s all resolved. Really? How committed are we to implementing correction measures? The question arises – are we so self-centered that we cut off slack to ourselves and try to escape from our mistakes/shortcomings? Justification for an action to escape facing our weakness – is it the right thing to do? How honest are we? How often do we assess, scrutinize, and evaluate our failures in depth

The answer lies in an honest self-analysis. Analyze situations, consequences, and effects of an action honestly and without the fear of accepting mistakes – this is essential. It helps us grow as a person. With an open mind, welcome criticism from the ones you trust. It is being strong enough to analyze constructive criticism and modify weakness into a strength. After all, we are all born to succeed. Committed efforts and positive feedback are the boosters that drive us towards success. The harder one works, the sweeter the fruits of success. Amplify your spirits and spread positivity around! Shun laziness and set an example for your kids, dear and near ones, society, and humanity! 

Awaken the true self in you. Believe in your Unique strengths, keep up your spirit and honesty, and route your efforts with no drain of enthusiasm and commitment!

 My dear friends, life is too short and precious for regrets. The day we are born is the day when we start our journey towards death…Make it an incredible trip. Set an example for people around you to draw inspiration, joy, and happiness!

Hurry up; you are never too late!

Start burning your energy to perceive your passion… 

Success lies in learning from mistakes and not repeating them. 

You begin your journey towards success the day you accept your weakness and make it your strength… 

Let’s start contributing to the world and give a reason to be remembered long after we are gone!!