Not raising your voice and inaction are considered mostly negative things without defining the context. Today, we are discussing “Why Not Voicing and Inaction is Powerful and makes more sense at times?” 

When someone tries to throw blame or say something we don’t like or feel correct! To prove our honesty or justify our thoughts, we should raise our voices and give a reply, whether they accept it or not, without worrying about what state of mindset they are in.

People around motivate us by telling us that we should voice our opinion and reply then on, without understanding the situation or whether the other person is in a position to listen or not matters! 

Voicing or reacting to a situation or particular person is good, but only sometimes. 

Here, “Not giving a reply doesn’t mean we are cowards or do not have the capability? ”  

Most of the societal learning we have so far teaches only to react and voice irrespective of the situation! This is why most relationships are broken, and lives are also lost! 

What is the point of voicing in front of a fool when he is working hard to justify himself?

We should voice our opinions, but sometimes, inaction or not responding is the best way to keep up inner peace and assess the overall situation. 

When you act and voice in a space you aren’t supposed to, this will worsen the situation, and not voicing here voice becomes noise!! 

Just because someone questions your inability to respond doesn’t mean you are ineffective. To be called wise, one should know When to act or voice and when not. What is the point of voicing in front of a fool? Doing so, you also become a fool! 

Try to understand that you are not here to prove to somebody what you can, as your life is to make meaning out of time gifted to you. So don’t waste time to voice to prove you are right! It’s not your duty to keep proving to everyone about what you are! Do the right thing instead of directing your efforts to prove you are right! Remember the fact that “your actions speak more than your words.” 

In an attempt to prove your majesty, you are losing yourself and failing to hear your inner voice, and all the time, you only let someone’s voice control your thoughts and reactions. Don’t let someone hold your opinions! If you are allowing it, it means you don’t have control over yourselves, and you are a slave to your surroundings as they are controlling you. 

My dear friends, What is so fun about being a slave? 

Listening and Learning from others is good, but not raising a voice where it doesn’t needed or to people who aren’t eligible for it. In these cases, not voicing or inaction is the best action. Most relationships need to understand this. Irrational actions and voicing only lead to destruction, pain, and suffering for others as well as for ourselves.  

WE SHOULD PRACTICE HOW TO STAY, NOT VOICING AND INACTION, OR A simple WITHDRAWAL. Withdrawal with awareness is a sign of wisdom. One needs to practice this. It is more challenging than it appears! You have to train your mind. It’s not that you withdraw physically and in thoughts. You are still reacting and voicing a situation! This might sound spiritual as most monks introspect and practice withdrawal throughout their lives, not unnecessarily. But remember, it helps.

Untimely action always leads to destruction, regardless of how good it might be. Just remember this point! I don’t mean you should voice or act here, but know the situation and the person’s mind!! Every word we speak has immense power, which shouldn’t be wasted! 

When to act and when not to is an art we all should learn. This is a positive thing… Staying calm without reacting inside or outside is challenging as our senses control us. But practicing this leads to the great discovery of the true self!